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About: TypeRacer

TypeRacer is a fun and engaging typing game for all ages. In this game, you will compete against three other players to complete a short amount of text as rapidly and accurately as possible. You can play this game by using the keypad on your smartphone or tablet.

You may monitor the progress of other players as you type, as well as how many words per minute they are typing in comparison to you. You are given your overall ranking and the number of words per minute you were able to type at the end of the passage. The passages feature capitalization and punctuation as well, adding to the difficulty of typing both swiftly and precisely. Not only that, the Typing Racer game also has a graphing tool that shows you how far you have come and how many games you have played in total.  

What makes it outstanding?

Colorful graphics and vivid sound are the main reasons why this game is so attractive to all ages, especially children. Type Racer game provides various typing lessons that not only encourage kids but also provide an interesting approach for them to experience the strain of fluency without forcing it. They are laid out in a scaffolded pattern, with each skill building on the one before it.

TypeRacer game is quite competitive, so the player must concentrate on completing the route as swiftly and accurately as possible to avoid finishing last. This game is the ideal choice for those who are easily distracted and want to improve that weakness.

Players who have trouble focusing should go through the simple levels a few times to improve their typing skills and get used to the game. There is no denying that it is a terrific option for kids to start after learning the fundamentals of typing because it provides a lot of practice. 

Controls Guide

Players will learn to type using the QWERTY keyboard while playing the TypeRacer game. The faster you type, the faster the cars go across the screen. As a result, it will encourage you to increase your cognitive speed and improve your touch typing skills. This game does, however, have some negative consequences. So, if you intend to let your children play, make sure they are ready to face these kinds of obstacles.

You will be asked to choose a letter based on your current typing ability after clicking OK to go into the game. The Home Keys Jr. will be practiced in level one, followed by k and d in level two, and lastly s and l in level three. Any errors are not accepted, so you have to utilize the delete key to correct errors before completing a quote. After that, you will see your average and best words per minute. 

The faster you type and make fewer mistakes, the faster your car will move across the horizontal screen. Typing fluency refers to the speed and precision with which you type. What are you waiting for without playing the TypeRacer game now? 


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