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As its name suggests, the Paper Racer game has the tracks appear to be drawn on paper. The track is usually made of white graph paper, with off-track courses colored in and filled with items. Some of the items look to be pictures, while others appear to be hand-drawn and colored. The automobiles in Paper Racer have been created in ink and then colored using pencils. By default, the game features 17 distinct vehicles, including race cars, trucks, and bulldozers. The physics and particle effects in Paper Racer are also highly appreciated and leave a good impression in the hearts of players. Objects and autos crash realistically on the physics spectrum. Dust and smoke trails from the autos are examples of particle effects. Driving through paint also leaves a trail. This can be said that Paper Racer goes above and beyond what you might expect from a doodle game. In particular, Paper Racer is playable online as an HTML5 game, therefore you can play this hot game completely online without requiring to download it.  


Controls Guide

Up arrow to move forward

Down arrow to stop

Left and right arrow to tilt

Z or spacebar to turn around

Enter - restart from checkpoint

Backspace - restart from previous checkpoint

WASD controls support


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