Drift 3

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About: Drift 3

Drift 3, as its name suggests, is the third installment of this thrilling racing game. This game is set in a very crowded harbor with many large vehicles moving constantly to test the player's driving skills. Containers, ships, cranes, and other obstacles abound in the port, which you must strive to avoid if you want to win.

Besides, you are allowed to customize your car as you want before racing into the port, changing its color and fine-tuning its handling to fit your driving style. Moreover, you may practice drifting on three separate tracks, each with its own set of weather and road layouts. specifically, the layouts come with some spectacular hairpin twists and long sweeping bends that you can drift around nicely.

According to the rules of the game, each successful drift you perform earns you points. The longer the drift, the more points you gain as well as the longer you drift, the higher your score multiplier. After a race, you can utilize the coins you earn to enhance your vehicle and buy new powerful super vehicles.


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