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About: Drag Race 3D

Drag Race 3D is an attractive cartoonish drag racing game that puts you in the driver's seat and gives you a third-person view of your vehicle. Unlike other online vehicle racing games or browser games, you get to watch the drag race from behind rather than from the side. Drag Race 3D Unblocked is HTML 5 based, therefore it can be played online on any device with a contemporary browser. In general, Drag Race 3D is a simple yet extremely engaging game that will put your talents to the test. This racing game will surely never let you down. Let's get started now! 

Controls Guide

Press the gas pedal to begin the race. For the perfect launch, you need to press and hold the gas pedal while keeping your engine speed in the green. 

When the race begins, push the up shift paddle (on the right) to shift up. But you must make sure to upshift when the engine is in the green zone. 

If you upshift too early, you'll slow down. Besides, if you upshift too late, you'll fall behind and lose the race. 

You may also use the nitrous button to get a little extra speed when you really need it.


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