Nerdle is a numerical variant of Wordle in which you must guess a five-letter word in six tries. However, the Nerdle is more about numbers than letters. This online game tests your ability to correctly estimate a total of eight numbers and symbols.


Correct numbers will be highlighted on each guess, similar to Wordle. Correct numbers/symbols will be highlighted in green, while those that appear in the answer but are in the incorrect location will be highlighted in purple.

In fact, if you are not good at math, Nerdle can be extremely tricky. But don’t worry, because in this article, we will give you some outstanding Nerdle tips and tricks so that you can easily win this game. Let’s explore now!


Have an excellent first guess


As similar to the Wordle, the first guess in the Nerdle is incredibly significant. As a result, the best Nerdle tips you can apply is to make sure your first estimate is solid, with each number being unique. Moreover, in order to rule them in or out, you should try to use two separate symbols. For example, 7 + 3 x 6 = 25 is a good first guess for Nerdle. We're working with five different numerals and addition and multiplication. 


Find out the place putting the equals sign


It will benefit you if you know where the equals sign is in any Nerdle solution. It can usually be one of three positions, and knowing whether your response is one, two, or three digits long will help you figure out what kind of sum you're dealing with. If you don't get the equals sign right the first time, make sure you guess somewhere else the second time. 

Take your time 


When it comes to the Nerdle tips, we must say that Nerdle is a competition. In fact, there is no timer at all, so you can take as long as you need to come up with a solution. What’s more, if you are having trouble, it's sometimes good to leave it for a while and come back later. 


Make use of a calculator


Although a calculator won't give you the answer to Nerdle, it can be useful if you're dealing with enormous numbers. If you can't calculate a sum in your head, you can check how much it is with a calculator. Best of all, checking multiplication tables might be beneficial in the same way. 


Try to play the Mini Nerdle game first


If you like Nerdle but you are completely new to this game, you should try Mini Nerdle. It's the same thing, but with six columns instead of eight, and it's a smaller version.  


Enable commutative answers

Enabling commutative answers is also one of the most effective Nerdle tips you should consider. Allow commutative replies was switched on by default in a recent upgrade to Nerdle. Previously, even if your sum was correct, each number had to be in exactly the proper spot. 2 + 3 and 3 + 2 are treated as the same thing when commutative responses are allowed. Hence, you don't have to waste guesses by placing numbers in the appropriate sequence. However, you can turn this off in the menu if you want to make your life more difficult. 


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