When fighting with a sword and shield, you should practice your parry and riposte timing with inferior opponents early on. If you do it properly, the parry (by pressing L2) will deflect some blows while the riposte (by pressing R1) will deal tremendous damage and is quite satisfying.


Wherever feasible, you need to lock on to objectives. You will see a bright highlight on the picked adversary once you've locked on (by pressing R3 in range). When attacking, this significantly benefits your aim. If your assaults continually miss their target, things will become very simple if you have a strong character with a formidable weapon.


What's more, you should keep an eye on the enemy's movements and look for gaps. Each enemy type has its own assault technique. Hence, it is very crucial to know when to block and when to attack. In fact, forcing your opponents to assault can leave them vulnerable.


Moreover, you should make sure you are comfortable with your movements. Because you will be locked in once you commit to an attack, you'd better pick your time wisely.


How to defend in the Elden Ring?


Defense is just as important as attacks if you want to get good results in this game. In order to avoid surprise assaults, you must keep your shield up when entering unknown places. Some shields are effective against physical damage, while others are effective against fire or magic. These shields might be crucial when dealing with larger foes. 


How to manage Stamina?


In the Elden Ring, in addition to attacking smartly, stamina management is also a crucial part of fighting. Stamina is consumed when swinging a weapon, blocking incoming attacks, sprinting, rolling, or dodging, and is measured by the green bar at the upper left of the screen. While waiting for it to recover on its own, you will have to pick your moments for protecting and attacking to keep it from running out. In particular, when your shield is increased, stamina regenerates much more slowly. 


How to stealth in the Elden Ring?


You can use the surroundings to sneak past foes you aren't ready to face or stab them in the back to deal heavy damage.


Ashes of War in the Elden Ring


Ashes of War are a new item in the Elden Ring. It may be found around the globe or obtained by killing bosses and then attached to a weapon or shield at a Site of Grace. Some weapons have Ashes of War attached to them that can't be removed. Benefits range from alternative weapon attacks to ranged attacks that target enemies automatically. When utilizing Ashes, you should be aware that some of them use FP. Therefore, you must keep a watch on the blue gauge.


How to survive? 


When you move across the Lands Between, the difficulty of the game will increase as well as the enemies will also be much stronger. Therefore, if you feel that you are not strong enough, you should avoid colliding with strong enemies at this stage. Instead, you should improve your skills, level up your character, or discover new weapons or equipment to prepare for the next confrontation. 


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