Despite the fact that Elden Ring includes nearly two and a half billion boss fights, I never expected to hear lifelong Souls fans proclaim one of them to be the most challenging boss in any FromSoft game. But that's what I've heard about Malenia Elden ring, one of the optional bosses in the game. I easily defeated her, but I also completely embraced the co-op and enlisted assistance. In this blog, we want to help you get through it by giving you the greatest tools, but we're not going to let you take someone down naked with a parry knife or a set of Donkey Konga Bongos for a controller.  

This lady has a lot of power, but she's not unbeatable. The following are the most important things to know:

  • She lacks poise.
  • She's extremely vulnerable to bleeding and somewhat vulnerable to frost.
  • Even if you block, every hit that connects heals her.
  • In her second phase, she adds more AoEs as well as Scarlet Rot.


Malenia's shaky demeanor and blood issues are the key factors here. You can practically hyper armor your way through the first fight if your poise is high enough. She is sensitive to knockdowns and suffers from significant hit stun. However, she will fight back, and her attacks will last longer and cover more ground than you expect. If you're playing as a tank, you'll need to deal more damage than she can heal while maintaining your own stamina. Because this boss is speedy and will streak across the arena in the blink of an eye, ranged is a whole other ball of worms. In particular, you will want to avoid it if you can in any case, so try your best to learn when you can. 

In order to activate the second phase, you must take Malenia Elden Ring all the way down, although her health does not fully recover. Not that it matters, because you'll be grateful for any assistance you can get. I hate to mention it, but being hit here at all is bad news, not only due to her strength, but also because of her liberal use of Scarlet Rot. Her most significant new move is summoning a giant flower that releases a tremendous wave of disease dust. It's terrifying, but once Malenia activates it, she becomes susceptible for a few seconds. You will have to risk the Rot to get hits in if you're a melee character, but magic characters can absorb some free damage while she recovers.  

Moreover, Malenia's low poise makes your tankier Spirit Ashes and co-op summons quite valuable. When you mess with Malenia's aggression, you'll open her up a lot more, which is important for non-experts to see the other side of the combat. There will be plenty of seasoned Tarnished lining up in front of Malenia's door at this stage in Elden Ring's life, so it's a nice time to learn rather than have your intestines ripped to pieces on an unending cycle.


In terms of specific tools, the Rivers of Blood katana or a blood-attuned melee weapon with Wild Strikes are excellent, especially for getting through the initial phase quickly. Of course, Mimic Tear is a given, but Black Knife Tiche can exploit that blood and knockdown weakness. When used with certain Talismans, a shield with 100 physical guards can be quite effective.


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