New Advanced Class - Glaivier


The Glaivier slashes her way through the battlefield, weaving assaults with her spear and glaive in an artistic and lethal type of martial arts. Focus and Flurry are the two separate skill sets that the Glaivier can switch between, with each stance and skill set symbolized by one of her two weapons. In the Focus position, the shorter spear is utilized to unleash a fierce onslaught, while the longer glaive is employed in the Flurry stance to deliver beautifully devastating strikes and sweeping attacks. While some builds may focus your emphasis on one of these weapons, an effective Glaivier can maximize their potential by striking a balance between the two stances, accumulating energy in one stance. As a result, it offers a significant stat boost while switching to the other.


New continent - South vern


With the introduction of South Vern in the Lost Ark game, you should discover and explore a new region of Arkesia. To transform this once-barren area into a place of copious waterways and green pastures, the settlers of South Vern absorbed technologies from a variety of races. Hearing of the perils that afflicted North Vern, the Senate ordered the closure of South Vern and the formation of a new knightly order. Ealyn, Queen of Vern, suspected something was wrong and sent Knight Commander Avele to investigate. As you explore this new region, meet new characters, and accomplish missions, you will learn more about the mysteries of South Vern.


The climax is the titanic war that will determine Arkesia's fate. South Vern will be the second Tier 3 continent after Punika, and will require an item level of 1340 to begin. What’s more, South Vern will contain the standard difficulty of the new Chaos Line action in addition to the tale. When more players have reached the minimum item level required to participate, the South Vern Chaos Dungeons, Field Boss, and Chaos Gate will be introduced in a future release (1415). 


Progression events (April 21 - June 30)


Feiton powerpass


After finishing Feiton's primary story quest "Will" during the event period, players will earn a Feiton Powerpass. Or if you've previously completed the quest before the update, you will receive the Powerpass when the event begins. After finishing the plot through that continent, you'll be able to use the Feiton Powerpass to bring an alternate character to that point in the game, just like the Vern Powerpasses accessible to players in the launch version of the Lost Ark game. Moreover, you will acquire level 960 gear with a Feiton Powerpass. For more details, this is a Powerpass for an event that expires on June 30th. 


Express mission event


Players will be able to conduct "Express Missions" with one of their combat level 50 characters who are under item level 1000. That character will be given level 302 equipment and will be able to complete express and bonus missions for large sharpening and growth prizes. The missions will be divided into four sections, each corresponding to one of the major continents found in Tier 1 and Tier 2 (North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton). Each section will grant an abundance of materials relevant to that tier to aid players' progression, such as silver, honing materials, major potions, Engravings, and so on.  


This will assist newer players to catch up to their friends while still mastering Tier 1 and 2 and the game variants inside them. This event can be used to quickly level up a new alternate character for players already in Tier 3. Completing all of the assignments will result in a significant reward. Thus, let's take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts. Bear in mind that the Express Mission Event, like the Feiton Powerpass, will last through June 30. 


Store updates in the Lost Ark game


ARK Pass


The Ark Pass provides a lot of ways for users to acquire valuable rewards just by playing the Lost Ark game. Players can use the Ark Pass to perform objectives and advance their Ark Pass levels, earning goodies as they do so. The normal Ark Pass is absolutely free and rewards you with a range of useful items such as material selection chests, pirate money, and even a mount! In addition to the standard, free Ark Pass, users can upgrade to the Premium or Super Premium levels, which add more goodies to the rewards track. The Ark Pass progress is shared across the entire roster. 


In addition to the free goodies, the Premium Ark Pass will provide additional rewards at each level. For instance, more sharpening material selection chests, gems, rapport chests, a Vertus Pet, etc. In particular, the Super Premium Ark Pass includes selection chests for the Noble Banquet skin collection, the Noble Banquet Wallpaper, and various legendary rapport chests throughout the 30 levels of the Ark Pass.


Furthermore, the Premium ticket costs 1,500 Royal Crystals, and the Super Premium pass costs 3,000 Royal Crystals (all awards + Noble Banquet skins). Premium and Super Premium Ark Passes will be sold until June 18 in the in-game store, and progress can be gained until July 14.


General store updates and new skin sets


  • The Graceful Monkey skin set has been introduced to the Glaivier special bundles. The Noble Banquet skin collection has also been released to the in-game store for those who don't want to buy the Premium Ark Pass.
  • Not only that, the April Update will also include a few small store updates. In Mari's Secret Shop, some item quantities have been changed, and a few new Crystal bundles are now available in the in-game store.


General updates in the Lost Ark game


  • First and foremost, a 25-day log of new daily log-in prizes has been added.
  • Secondly, Secret Maps' co-op party play has been improved. Now all four members can submit a map for a single run to get awards. There's no need to be concerned about someone leaving your group after utilizing your map. 
  • Changes to the chat tab will now be visible to everyone on your roster.
  • Plus, voice chat volume settings have been tweaked to stay within a middle range of outputs.
  • Besides, the background of the server selection screen has been updated.
  • The number of possible character slots has been increased from 12 to 18.
  • When reading PvP skill information from Book Of Coordination while in a Custom Lobby, skill tree information was not displayed. 
  • Moreover, settings in the Book of Coordination have been improved. Skill presets, tripod levels, skill runes, gems, item set effects, and other options are now available to players.
  • Text has been updated to better describe some of the Welcome Challenges.
  • Naruna Hot Springs' prize drop location has been changed.
  • Users can now adjust the pointer speed and thumbstick deadzone using new controller options.
  • In Custom PvP Lobbies, a new button has been added that allows users to examine all players' active Book of Coordination setups.
  • When right-clicking on the active conversation tab, an option to clear all text has been added.
  • Players can now disable the virtual keyboard when using a controller thanks to a new feature.


Outstanding bug fixes


  • First of all, the new update has fixed a problem that caused the sails on the "The Great Journey" wallpaper to move in an unusual way.
  • Secondly, a bug that prevented push-to-talk voice from working while the 'Game Menu' or 'Settings Menu' were open has been fixed.
  • Best of all, it fixed an issue where adversaries spawned too near to some NPCs, making interaction with them problematic.
  • In the "A Nose For News" quests, a bug was fixed that sent players to the wrong location.
  • What’s more, text was not displayed in the text-to-speech conversation tab because of a bug, has been solved.
  • The "Unknown Error" notice that appeared when traversing the Foul Hollow dungeon has been fixed.
  • Furthermore, fixed an issue where the Destruction Punisher Skin Set's untradeable version only applied to one slot.
  • The "Armen Stopping the Threat" cutscene was not available in the Memory Chamber due to a bug.
  • Not only that, it also fixed an issue where the event timer on the map was incorrectly offset due to the player's time zone.
  • When playing as a female character, an issue with the VO in various cinematics was fixed.
  • In addition, the issue "Unknown Error" appears while trying to equip a compass that couldn't be equipped has been solved.
  • When reconnecting after equipping the necromancer disguise, a bug prevented the "Immersed in Death" task from being completed.
  • VO lines in Abyss Dungeons were previously inaudible due to a bug.
  • During the "Belated Help" quest, an issue where another character's voice was being played while Armen was speaking was fixed.
  • Additionally, when opening more than one engraving selection chest at the same time, debug text was displayed.
  • A bug that prevented “Trusted” players from initiating a trade with a new or untrusted account has been fixed.
  • Alternatively, when using a non-English language, the total and online member counts in the “Guild Menu” did not appear properly.
  • After skipping sequences, an issue with controllers led several buttons to become unresponsive.
  • Best of all, it also fixed an issue where certain tooltips on the controller's 'Settings Menu' were missing.
  • Finally, with the help of a controller in the “Friends Menu”, the issue that prevented the context menu from being opened has been fixed. 
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